The dates and times of The Silver Skates in Brooklyn are as follows:
Monday, March 23rd 2020
Tuesday, March 24th 2020.
Wednesday, March 25th 2020.
All shows start at 7:30PM
Don't worry, we can resend your tickets if you don't find them.
But first, please check your promotional folder and your spam/junk mail for an email from: Regal – Zir Chemed.
If you still can't find it, you can contact us or send us an email to regaltickets@gmail.com with your order number, name and telephone number, we will email you back your tickets ASAP.
We'll be happy to help you with your problem if we can.
However, as clearly stated when you purchase your tickets, we are unable to refund or cancel ordered tickets. All sales are final and unchangeable. So please avoid sending us such requests.
We've had some cases of customers who wanted to purchase seats that looked taken. After purchasing different seats, they went back to the site and saw that the original seats they wanted were vacant. This happens because another customer chose them, then changed her mind before completing her order. It is not in our power to prevent this and it is not a valid cause for changing your seats.
Changes are allowed only in very extreme cases.
Please contact us or send us an email to regaltickets@gmail.com with your order number, name and telephone number and a short description of your problem. .
A representative will get back to you ASAP.
Please press here to view map of the Sherover hall.
The play will take place in the Jerusalem Theatre, at the Sherover Hall, 20 Marcus St. Jerusalem. Parking spaces are few, but can be found on Marcus or Chopin Street.
The number 13 bus can be taken from Yaffo or King Goerge St. directly to the theater.
You can also take the 32 bus from Tachana Merkazit and get off at the Arlozorov stop. Walk on until the end of Arlozorov then turn left onto Jabotinski, and immediately right on the roundabout into Marcus Street. Walk down and you will see the theatre on your right. This walk should take up to 10 minutes.
Please press here for map.
We are sorry, but all the above are strictly forbidden in the theatre.
You will not be able to enter with any baby, even tiny, held or sleeping.
We specifically ask you to please not video any part of the show.
No food or drinks are allowed (except bottled water). Apart from the awful noise of the nosh bags crackling and the munching (yes, the actresses do hear all the munching and talking going on in the first rows!) we beg of you to consider the Chilul Hashem created by the eating and the garbage left behind.
Special rates are available online or by telephone.
The special rates are for Seniors (over 60's) and for Juniors (under 12's) and for groups of 10 or more people. Group tickets will be paid for by one person and emailed to one location.

Special rates apply to the following shows:
First MATINEE show on January 20th 2020 at the Jerusalem Theatre, valid until Wednesday January 1st 2020.
The reduction is for early bookings, it may be stopped at any time.
The prices are:
75 NIS instead of 95 NIS.
110 NIS instead of 130 NIS.
125 NIS instead of 150 NIS.
Premium seats are 160 NIS instead of 200 NIS

NEW: Special rates for MANCHESTER.
Tickets for Seniors, Juniors and Groups are reduced by £3 per ticket.
There are 4 seats (wheelchair spaces) on row 8 priced 125 NIS, approachable by the main elevator. Regular 145 NIS seats are available near these spaces. There are a few disabled parking spots on Chopin Street.
Additionally, there are 3 disabled seats (wheelchair spaces) at the back row of the Sherover hall (row 24) priced 90 NIS. By purchasing any of these seats you are entitled to a disabled parking spot in the private theatre parking (entrance from Chopin Street). A new elevator is available through the back parking to these spaces.
To see the layout of the hall, please press here.
The show should run from start to finish, about 2:45 hours, including the intermission.
We aim to always start on time, but are dependent on the arrival of the audience.
If you are planning to catch a last bus or ordering a ride back, please add 30 minutes to allow for unexpected delays.
We are proud to say that 100% of our profit goes directly to Zir Chemed, a fertility and support organization for childless couples.
Naturally, a show of such a caliber has a lot of expenses, but its success in Israel and in Europe and the continuing sales of new and old DVDs, provide continued profit for Zir Chemed, enabling it to help more couples.
We suggest you ask your Rav about using Maaser money for purchasing tickets.
The Silver Skates is a show for women and girls.
Since the show is more than two hours long (plus intermission), we recommend you only bring girls who are old enough and capable of sitting without disturbing others for the duration of the show.

The play is being supervised by Rebbetzin Tirtza Reichman, previously teacher at "Ko Tomar" and "Peninei Chen" in RBS and currently a Kallah teacher.

This show is bright and happy with a dual message: there are many ways to be a winner; and when you help someone, the favor comes full circle. SPOILER: Please note that the following topics are spoken about, but not shown on stage - injury, illness and surgery. Certain characters worry that a member of their family may die. However, in Act Two we see the injured person make a full recovery.
All payments on our website are processed through https://stripe.com/ in the USA, https://secure.cardcom.co.il/ in Israel, or https://secure.fidelipay.com in UK, both are secure credit card clearing companies.
When a credit card form opens in our site, you are basically transferred to this clearing company, then back again to us after payment is verified. We do not keep your credit card details, we don't even know what they are. So your payment is 100% safe and secure.
DVDs of all our shows can be purchased in Israel:
At Shanky's in Yerushalaim and Judaika in RBS or at the following locations:
In Har Nof: Esther Kaminetzky, Rehov Hakablan 24 app. 4 – 02-6518933.
In RBS: Rivka Lapidus, Rehov Nachal Sorek 17 – 02-9993426.
In Bney Braq: Chaya Goldschmidt, Rechov Sokolov 35 - 077-7992515.
In Ashdod: Chani Barnett, Rechov Hayasmin 2 – 0548-525363.
To order online please press here.
To order by phone at Zir Chemed office, please call 02-6536854

To purchase in the USA please press here.
To purchase In the UK:
Golders Green: Mrs. Liebermann – 0208 458 5565.
Stamford Hill: Mrs. Tzippy Hammer – 0208 809 9144.
Gateshead: Mrs. Libby Rabinowitz – 0191 477 9905.
Manchester: Fam. Beigel – 01617924936.
To advertise in this year's Israeli and London brochure, please call or WhatsApp Yehudis Levi on 0535307476 or email Yehudis@zirchemed.org.
The Silver Skates will be travelling to Vienna, Manchester, Gateshead, London and Antwerp. We will perform:
In Vienna on Sunday February 16th 2020, To book tickets please call 0676-627-1558.
In Manchester – The Stockport Plaza on Tuesday, February 18th 2020. Special rates apply.
Tickets for Manchester can be booked online. For assistance please leave us a message at any hour on 0203-769-0658 and we will call you back. We work Sunday to Thursday between 8:00PM and 10:00PM.
In Gateshead - on Wednesday, February 19th 2020., to book tickets please look out for further information in the local advertiser.
In London – NEW LOCATION: Hackney Empire on Thursday, February 20th 2020.
Tickets for London can be booked online. For assistance please leave us a message at any hour on 0203-769-0658 and we will call you back. We work Sunday to Thursday between 8:00PM and 10:00PM.
In Antwerp on Monday February 24th 2020, to book tickets please call 0475-511-837.
Coaches to Manchester Stockport Plaza cost £5 return.
To book your seat, please call 07976272611 from 8PM to 10PM only.
Coaches will leave from Broughton Jewish Legh Road at 6.30 prompt. Return will have drop off at the corner of Kings road/Bury New road and Broughton Jewish.
We are so glad you purchased a USB version of a Regal Production show!
Just in case you are wondering how it works - we've put together this handy guide!
Please note that these USBs work on Windows enabled computers only.

1. Open the USB by pressing down on the edge of the raised rectangle on the card so that the USB pops open.
2. Insert into the USB drive of your computer, laptop or tablet (make sure it's the right way up!).
3. If the show automatically opens up please skip to #6.
4. If it does not, go to "My Computer”.
5. Click on the drive with the name of the show.
6. Click on "name of show.exe" (file name will be the name of the show you are planning to watch).
7. A message will pop up saying "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" click YES.
8. Another window will open with some icons, click "Start.exe" – Please wait 20 seconds for the window to open up.
9. Enjoy the Show!
**if your antivirus program tries to stop this - then please do NOT LET IT quarantine or erase anything.

אנו שמחים מאוד שרכשתם את גרסת הדיסק און קי של ההצגה של ריגל הפקות.
הנה כמה הוראות קצרות להפעלה. .
שימו לב שהדיסק און קי עובד במחשב עם ווינדוס בלבד. .
1. פתחו את הדיסק און קי על ידי לחיצה על המלבן הבולט בקצה הכרטיס (עם חור מלבני קטן). הדיסק און קי אמור להיפתח.
2. הכניסו את הדיסק און קי לתוך הפתח המתאים במחשב, במחשב הנייד או בטבלט בו אתם משתמשים (שימו לב שהצד הנכון פונה כלפי מעלה!)
3. אם הסרט נפתח אוטומטית, עברו ישר לשלב 6.
4. אם הוא לא נפתח, לחצו על "המחשב שלי"
5. בחרו את הכונן עם השם של ההצגה.
6. לחצו על "name of show.exe"
(יהיה כתוב שם את השם של ההצגה שאתם מתכננים לצפות בה).
7. כעת תקפוץ ההודעה "האם ברצונך לאפשר לאפליקציה זו ממפרסם לא ידוע לבצע שינויים במחשב שלך?" לחצו כן
8. "Start.exe" כעת יופיע חלון נוסף עם כל מיני אפשרויות. לחצו על האייקון
המתינו עד שהחלון יפתח, זה עלול לקחת עד 20 שניות.
9. צפיה מהנה!
**אם תוכנית ה"הגנה מפני וירוסים" שלכם מנסה לחסום את הסרט - אל תתנו לה לבודד או למחוק שם דבר, זה עלול לפגום בסרט